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Our "Think local" initative

Alosra supermarket has championed to support local farmers and producers in Bahrain, empowering them to be more engaged and active in their communities under the ‘Think Local’ initiative. We are very proud of this longstanding initiative and the continuous support of our Bahraini farmer in expanding our current offering of local, fresh, nutritious and quality produce. Almost 15% of Alosra’s produce supply is now grown locally, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership between the store and local producers.


From initially related to sourcing fresh and local produce in Bahrain, ‘Think Local’ has rapidly gained stature as an integral part of the Group’s regional and global aspirations. Ultimately, it is about creating wellbeing for local communities, but also relating to the zero waste of local talent, truth, and improving transparency. We will continue to leverage our resources to simultaneously advance the conditions of the communities in which we operate whilst driving our triple bottom line.

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